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Featured Supply Change Leaders

Kevin Heath, Manager, Dematic Robotics Centre of Excellence

Kevin Heath

Manager, Dematic Robotics Centre of Excellence

Chris Steele

Vice President - Advisory

Conway, Inc.

Matt Walker, Disruptor, Dematic

Matt Walker



Shannon Hamilton

VP Sales, North America

DLT Labs

Robotic Order Fulfillment and Material Handling

As the labour shortage accelerates and consumer expectations evolve due to industry disrupters like e-commerce and omni-channel distribution, manual systems will not remain competitive in the supply chain space. Considering that we are in a market where labour is not only scarce but also aging, where the average labourer in a warehouse is 44 years old, great supply chain leaders are forecasting the future of their operations with automation at top of mind. Conversely, a highly skilled workforce has become more and more difficult to maintain, putting accuracy, efficiency, and your bottom line at risk. This session will discuss how to implement robotic automation at various levels effectively, enabling you to optimize labour, improve space utilization, and create the excellent supply chain visibility that is required to gain and maintain the competitive advantage needed to remain successful.

Investing in Alberta.  Why Alberta?  Why Now?


Regions are often at a loss to understand why companies are – or are not – considering their locations for inward investment.  How do companies make location decisions, and what can regions and communities do to understand the competitive landscape, enhance their ability to compete for desired projects, and prepare for serving those inquiries when they come in?  Can an understanding of the site selection process provide clues for how to move towards diversifying Alberta’s economy?

Next Gen Warehousing: Building Your e-comm Supply Chain for the Urban Environment


Our economy has experienced a major shift. Urbanization combined with E-commerce has changed the supply chain landscape for both retailers and distributors. Your end consumers are located in high-density cities and no longer will they wait weeks, or even days, to receive online and in-store orders. You need to move goods fast. In this session, participants will learn how to build strategies to address the challenges of the new consumer profile and how to grow business in our E-commerce-driven economic climate.  

Improving Margins Throughout the Supply Chain with Blockchain (We call this Samepaging)


Saving money, keeping costs down, improving profitability, these topics are at the front of every business person’s thoughts, especially in tough times. Businesses are doubling down on outcome goals, process goals and performance goals. Whether it’s retailers and their carrier networks, distribution companies and their suppliers, manufacturing companies and their part makers, or grocers and food companies, profit margins are the critical success factor throughout the supply chain. Whenever two companies must share information in order to do business, there are inefficiencies and anything but perfect execution costs both money and time. Mountains of paperwork and system workarounds become the norm as companies try to evolve and adapt their systems to manage growth, because companies are built to work together, systems are not. Systems are built to work alone within each individual company. But then along came the DLT Labs configurable Platform which samepages companies like Walmart Canada with one source of truth. This out-of-the-box platform integrates with legacy systems and enables two companies to ensure agreements are being followed – perfectly – all day, every day. Each participant in the process knows the integrity of the data is inherently accurate and up to date. Beyond the change in process improvement, the ability to forecast and predict directly impacts revenue and margins for the entire company. Walmart is using it and you can, too! Come to our session and find out how samepaging can help change your supply chain.