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October 18

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Digital Procurement Software, Created by Supply Chain and Product Management Experts


Current SCM is a digital procurement software created by supply chain and product management experts to meet the highly sophisticated and underserved needs of project-orientated companies.  


Current SCM is purpose built to regulate a business’ supply chain and procurement operations efficiently and effectively with minimal overhead and training. Providing a much-needed solution to modern digital procurement. We aim to provide an innovative and universal procurement management system. Allowing you to control your supply chain from materials sourcing to end user clients.


Current SCM is a subsidiary of Vista Projects which has been recognized consistently as a ‘Best Employer’ and won numerous ‘Best Managed Companies in Canada’ awards. 


Vista has engineering over one-third of Alberta’s oil producing facilities (measured by Bpd), with projects ranging from $10K to $5B in total installed cost. 



Melissa Stockley, Procurement Lead, Current SCM

Rizwan Hassan, Project Services Director, Current SCM

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Digital Procurement Software, Created by Supply Chain and Product Management Experts



Dianomix Inc. is an innovative Canadian technology startup developing autonomous last-mile delivery solutions, with the goal of drastically reducing the cost and carbon footprint of traditional delivery methods.


The distinctive robotic technology is designed and tested in harsh Canadian weather, being able to handle rain and snow, extreme temperature and navigate any tight and challenging paths to automatically deliver at the customer front door, being also capable of multiple deliveries per trip. 


This talk is about the design and testing approach, resulting in improved capabilities with every single version of the robot, at the same time maintaining a practical and lean methodology in the process.



Marius Ulsamer, Co-Founder and CEO, Dianomix

Supply Change TECHTalks offer a variety of topics, but offered in a more intimate setting, providing the audience the opportunity to interact with presenters and exchange valuable knowledge.  Topics being considered: 


Emerging Technologies - Drones, AI and robotic automation is transforming warehousing and transportation.  What's the next in the technology boom?  These changes are creating networks that look and operate very differently from those of today.



Focus on Supply Chain Visibility - The IoT, Blockchain and data transparency improve organizations’ ability to gain visibility on the real-time status of their supply chain network. Organizations can rapidly respond to problems, but more importantly, anticipate and prevent them more effectively.

Sharing Economy – On-demand warehousing and on-demand logistics is allowing organizations to be more flexible in how they operate their supply chain. 

Evolving Customer Channels - The ongoing shift from traditional retail to direct-to-consumer shipping (DTC) continues to grow, with more than 40% of brands sell directly to the consumer.  


Regulations and Customs - similar to taxes, you can rest assured there will always be an abundance of regulations when moving goods across the country, North America and around the world.


In addition, we are developing specific industry led sessions including, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and retail.


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