Audience Profile

If you are part of a business, you are part of a supply chain. Supply Change Expo crosses all industries, and connects you with the chain of organizations, people, activities, information and resources.

Global Supply Chain

According to Supply Chain Management Canada, the supply chain in Canada is responsible for moving over 1 TRILLION dollars in goods and services each year, and counting.


Event Format

Combining a two-day conference, focused workshops,

networking events and a hands-on, interactive exposition, Supply Change Expo aims to tackle the imminent challenges and audience-approved topics that face all aspects of industry.

Impact on Canada

Moving over a trillion dollars in goods and services amounts to $66 Billion dollars that is contributed to Canada's GDP.  And, over 1 million people are employed in supply chain across all industries.


Brought to you by EventWorx Corporation, the organizers of Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show, PetroChem Canada, Smart Energy Event and more, Supply Change Expo is a diversified event that provides a new platform for supply chains across all industries.

Target Audience:  The Companies

Brands big, medium and small are targeted to attend and exhibit, with all levels of the supply chain to be engaged through our extensive marketing and relationship campaign.  

Target Audience:  The People

Supply Change Expo is for those involved in purchasing, selling or managing the flow of goods and materials, including, but not limited to:

  • Business owners, managers and leadership teams
  • Chief supply chain officers
  • Customs
  • Distribution 
  • Exporting 
  • Freight forwarding 
  • International trade 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operations 
  • Project management 
  • Purchasing             
  • Supply chain management 
  • Third-Party logistics 
  • Transportation (Air, Sea, Land)
  • Warehousing 

Engaging the SC Community

Supply Change Expo is partnering with major associations and organization partners to not only co-market, but offer workshops and educational elements that extend to their membership and stakeholders.

Marketing the Event

Our extensive database, along with those of our partners, allows us to distribution marketing collateral directly into the eyes and hands of the target audience.  Be it social or traditional, we'll hit all of the marks to promote across Canada and the US.



Promoting Exhibitors & Speakers

We aim to make your experience worthwhile at Supply Change Conference & Expo. We can help Exhibitors & Speakers promote their singular presence at the Expo by using social media channels, providing customized invitations, and creating content stories that are emailed directly to pre-registered and potential attendees through our HTML campaign.



How We Help Exhibitors

How you present your brand is extremely important onsite and gets your company noticed.  We can share with you design options, tips and tricks on booth presentation.  And, we help you invite your customers with our free show promo campaign, that gets the the right feet on the Expo floor.