Meet Our Stakeholders

Stakeholders of Supply Change Conference & Expo are premier host sponsors and represent key economic development agencies.  The beginning of a supply chain is the selection of the right geographical region to build your business.  During Supply Change Conference & Expo, you will have the opportunity to meet the Stakeholders to learn more about their regions, what makes their area unique, and why you should invest in a particular region.  We thank these organizations for their support.

Experience the Rocky View Advantage


Learn about the world-class opportunities for business and industrial development in Rocky View County.


“Over the past decade, Rocky View County has become the hub for warehousing and logistics in Western Canada. We are proud to support the Supply Change Expo and put our ‘shoulder to wheel’ promoting investment attraction and diversified economic development in Alberta.”


“Change has been very positive for Rocky View County, as countless warehouse facilities and logistics parks locate to, and invest in the County. The title of EventWorx’s Supply Change Expo is an appropriate spin on the transformative change that is revolutionizing the global supply chain.”


David Kalinchuk 

Economic Development Manager


Rocky View County 

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