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New Preservation Facility Will House 
and Protect Canada’s
Archival Materials with Dematic AS/RS Technology

Intralogistics innovator Dematic partners with Plenary and PCL Constructors Eastern Inc. in the construction of Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) world’s largest automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for archival collections. 

The new Dematic system will implement a 90 foot-tall, high-density automated storage system within the six independent vaults of LAC’s new preservation facility to protect and preserve Canada’s documentary heritage treasures. System completion is expected to be in May 2022. 

Some key benefits of this solution include: 


  • Significantly reduced risk of material damage
  • Improved tracking
  • Decreased energy consumption using highly advanced technology designed in partnership with the Design-Build Lead PCL Constructors Eastern Inc. and B+H Architects.


“In optimizing our storage space, the AS/RS supports our commitment to providing the best preservation conditions for Canada’s documentary heritage, while embracing the challenge of being energy efficient, resilient and sustainable.” – Leslie Weir, Librarian and Archivist of Canada.


This project has been recognized by the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships by winning the Silver Project Development Award at the association’s annual conference in 2019. 


The new preservation facility will be the first Net Zero Carbon archival centre in the Americas.

“There were a number of technical challenges, such as the unique environmental tolerances of the archived material and the need for highly limited noise and vibration levels. We will be able to meet all of them by building around the Dematic AS/RS.” – Paul Marion, PCL Construction.

Dematic pioneered the first successful automated library in 1990 and continues to lead the global market in engineering, manufacturing and documenting automated library and archival systems. 

“We have a dedicated team who understands the unique requirements of the library and archival world, from installation to data collection and analysis requirements to ongoing support. Our approach will provide the facility with a solution to preserve Canada’s documented heritage for many years to come.” – Vera Friedrich, CEO, Dematic Canada

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