The global supply chain network is changing at lightning speed.  With increasing competition and pressure to deliver goods faster and smarter, supply chain management needs to be ahead of the curve.  Be part of the #supplychange community during this two-day expo and conference.

Great Ideas Start Here. 


Join the community of supply change leaders and discover the trends, tactics, technology and trailblazers influencing global supply chains, and how it impacts your organization and your role.

If you own, operate or work in a business, you have a supply chain and are part of others.


Supply Change Conference & Expo (SCCE) will provide a unique, hands-on, visual experience and showcase the system of organizations, people, activities, information and resources in the supply chain across all industries.


Over two days, the supply chain community will assemble with industry experts, change leaders and technology providers from dozens of industries across North America. Explore supply chain topics in short sessions and interactive education workshops, and unite with business owners, SCM professionals, transportation & logistics experts, and more.

Are you a Supply Change Leader?  

Supply Change Conference & Expo will feature suppliers with frontline technologies including robotics, machine learning, autonomous and unmanned systems, asset tracking, hydrogen and battery powered vehicles.  Encompassing the broader supply chain, the interactive Expo floor will include commercial real estate & land developers, warehousing, shippers, material handling, asset tracking, customs and more. 


Supply Change Conference & Expo is also helping to bring focus to diversifying Alberta’s economy.  We look forward to promoting industries and regions that are growing manufacturing, logistics and distribution hubs throughout the province. 


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Founding Stakeholder

“Over the past decade, Rocky View County has become the hub for warehousing and logistics in Western Canada. We are proud to support the Supply Change Conference & Expo and put our ‘shoulder to wheel’ promoting investment attraction and diversified economic development in Alberta.”


David Kalinchuk 

Economic Development Manager

Rocky View County 


Education Partners



The CBSCA is the voice for the Canadian Supply Chain industry for Blockchain and other technologies. We believe in providing the Supply Chain community with:

  • The resources and global platform to develop the Canadian Data Standards
  • To promote industry acceptance and to drive the adoption of   emerging   technology forward and
  • To serve as a resource for the industry

With the support of the industry, we provide the forum for individuals to collaborate and network with industry professionals during our Virtual Meetings, Webinars,  Conferences, and Workshops as we educate members on blockchain applications, solutions and distributed ledger technology (DLT)


Learn more about the Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association 

AI is no longer a thing of the future.

Its applications are concrete, its technologies ready, and its potential vast – waiting to be harnessed. At Scale AI, we believe now is the time to take AI out of the lab and into the real world. Where businesses can show not what AI will do, but what AI can do.


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Meaningful Discussions

Looking for immediate, actionable concepts you can bring back to your business for implementation?  Supply Change Conference is a two-day, high impact experience designed to provide meaningful discussions and advice.

Interesting in sharing your wisdom with others? Apply now to become one of our thought leaders.

A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources between an organization and its suppliers to produce and distribute products to buyers.  An organization’s supply chain is a key competitive advantage and makes and breaks companies. 


Supply Change Conference & Expo is equally a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources where you go to learn, see the latest innovations and connect with your peers from many industries.

Innovative Technology

If you run a business or work within a business, you are likely involved in the organization's supply chain. See what new technology is driving supply chain, and get ahead of the curve.

"Now" Solutions

Share best practices, embrace new perspectives, expand networks and achieve greater impact as a leader. Get supply chain education from experts, learn what's changing and how to keep up.  

Face-to-Face Business

Networking is how business gets done.  Take advantage of memorable meeting experiences that get you connected with opportunities right for your career and businesses.

The Conference:  Driving Positive Business Outcomes


Organizations are evaluating their external networks and internal processes to determine how their future supply chain will be structured.  Professionals from numerous industries will share their valuable expertise in a variety of formats that encourages maximum learning.

Face-Face with the Technology:  The Exposition


The supply chain network is rapidly changing, and with external pressures, increasing competition and slim margins it has never been more important to embrace change.  Visit with leading companies to view the latest real-world implementation of technologies such asmachine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), automation, autonomous transportation, block chain, asset tracking and much more.

Memorable Networking Experiences


Networking and connecting with industry colleagues remains the number one way to advance careers and businesses.  Supply Change Conference & Expo is a great place to be part of the community, to meet new partners, suppliers and solution providers.